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The CAB- E MEDIA team boasts a proven knowledge of working in sales, marketing and media relations with an understanding of key business categories including: travel and tourism, hospitality, finance, retail, charity, entertainment and FMCG.​​




Jayne Alexander, Managing Director of CAB-E MEDIA and formerly marketing director with The Virgin Group. Jayne has run a media and marketing agency for more than 20 years.


With an understanding of client brands, how to build and develop a name and reputation, Jayne and her team will manage a campaign strategy to include activations from photo calls to branded cab convoys, partnerships and collaborations.


The team will launch a brand as a one month long project or an all year round campaign. KPIs are provided with clear objectives and a call to action included in all messaging. A design team will work with the client team to create impactful and responsive designs.

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